My Dream World or it could be Everybody's Dream World

1. There should be lessons at school that can be really useful for the students. Lessons included making crafts, cooking, sewing, fixing stuff, lessons on administration (banking, tax, etc), so when some students can't continue their education, they won't be BLIND. They can SURVIVE their lives with dignity. People who are clueless tend to do ANYTHING without considering the negative effects. They are closer to things like commiting crimes, prostitution, drug addiction, etc.

2. A proper salary rate to any kind of workers. In Indonesia, workers' salary rate is still in the same amount as few years ago. While the price of basic needs, such as food, oil, etc., are increasing no matter how much they pay the workers. There should be a calculation towards our standard of living. It's ironic how some people can buy luxorious cars while that money they've spent can actually save a village from hunger.For example, there's no way, a single-man, high-school graduate, working as a shopkeeper, living in a monthly rent single-roomed apartment, no parents, no wife nor child, can even survive a month only with his salary of Rp 300.000,- It's our problem, that WE CAN'T APPRECIATE OURSELVES and put a low price upon our heads, despite of our inteligence and abilities. The 3rd world, developing countries are tags given by other countries because they see our people's inferior souls. We've been an independent nation for almost 65 years and still "DEVELOPING"??Somebody should raise and erase that shit!

3. Birth control. There are various methods. WOMEN should choose what's best for them, not men! Because, hey, most of those methods are applied to women, not men.DOOOH??! -_-'
Why birth control? Because raising your child without proper nutrition, control to health care providers even without proper psychological support will result in low weight birth, disabilities or even death/abortion. "OK,so I've made it through delivery.What's next?" Well, beside the bills for the helpers, meds, yadayada, you need to feed the baby with breast/formula milk, give vaccine(normally, it costs >Rp 500.000,-/baby), vitamins, etc. The cycle goes on until your babies grow up. If you don't do that, your babies will be prone to diseases and will not have a quality life. How can you expect to have a great next generation when you ignore their basic needs?

4. Health insurance. It's classic. People are afraid to go to hospitals not because of the syringe-needles, but by BILLS! I won't babble more.

5. Inarrogant leaders who'd listen even to children not to increase his/her popularity but to really listen to their innocent voices that are full of truth, dreams & hope.

I think, that's for now. Please, if there's anything you'd like to add, tell me.

This blog entry is inspired by the boys who sold newspapers until midnite comes, no matter how cold the rainy nite was. They gave me the same answer, "I can only go home after I sell all of these newspapers"


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