Just wanna share my experience in life...

My 2 last years in med faculty was like a dream. I made friends with other students whom I didn't use to gather to, but with them I shared thoughts, struggled through good and bad times together. But I also bumped to a strange person.

It happened on the day when I was having an exam on anesthesiology dept. I was writing down the meds the anesthesiologist gave to a patient through his surgery when suddenly a nurse (I hope God would teach her a lesson after what she's done to me) came out of nowhere and talked nasty things about my family. The secrets I've been hiding so hard from my friends. Maybe she thought it's just daily gossip routine, maybe she didn't realize that one of the people she's gossiping about is actually in the same room with her, but that's not the point!! I mean, why would you talk about someone else's dirty facts inside an operating room when there is actually an operation going on?!WTF

But there I was. Sitting with my eyes staring at the medical record I'm working on and suddenly the writings become blurry. I went to a resting room and couldn't hold my feelings anymore. Thank God it didn't take more than 2 minutes to realize I'm in the middle of an exam. Any moment my examiner would come. The anesthesiologist whispered me calming words when I come back, " Nothing is perfect even a family. I have a problem too. You shouldn't be ashamed. Now make a bright smile and face your exam. I'm sure you'll perform well despite of this nuisance " I thanked him and go to the examiner's office where my "tandem" had arrived earier than me.

My "tandem" (my partner in that exam. Well, it's not actually a "partner" since we don't work on the same case, in fact a "tandem" can become your worst nightmare when he/she can answer the questions better then you) was one of the brightest student in my class. I thought, " Great God. 2 stones you've thrown me today. One was hurting but this one, I still have no idea. Please help me.. I'm devastated "

But as soon as the examiner entered the room, I have a "hollow" feeling inside my chest. I didn't care of what happens next. If it's humiliation I'll get, I won't shed a tear anymore. But it turned out to be okay. Both of us could answer the questions the examiner asked. When I couldn't answer, my "tandem" acted like he can't answer either, vice versa. I almost felt like it's just a discussion when suddenly the examiner said that it's over and both of us had done well. I shook my "tandem"'s hand, thanking him for his "cooperation" I always smile everytime I remember that moment. In times of darkness, God always find a way to light my way again. Since then, I knew he'll be a good coleague

My problems still exist and I still don't know the nurse's name until now. I hope in the near future, I'll hear some stories about her... I prefer the unfortunate ones..



am i the only one thinking her face color is whiter than her body?

somebody should give her a make-up lesson