It's Not Right and It's not OK

A husband left her wife for his mistress, leaving her alone with her daughter, but they're not divorced yet

This woman, thanx to her husband's request before he left, has no job

Her daughter is still attending college but her father pays her tuition and her monthly wage

So they carefully use that money to survive, pay for electric and water bills

They even have to sell things like their fridge, air conditioner , etc

Their life's not like what they used to be, but they keep holding on

Come to think again, this is a common story here but most women, unfortunately, are too ashamed to tell it (Unless they are celebrities with paparazzis around them then the story can be told without being spoken)

It all started with poor knowledge about marriage. About how serious it is so when you decide to do it, you better be ready for the ups and downs because, hey, it's a promise you make in front of God. Not just some sorta legal way to get legal sex

Then comes poor citizenship data-taking. How a person can have so many identity cards in different cities just by paying the officers and automatically, he/she can fake his/her marital status.

Then, fortune. People with money have the urge to get more things in life. Including spouses. Flirting, cheating, all those stuff become the ecstasy from their boring i-can-get-anything-i-want life. On the contrary, people who in urgent need of money tend to do anything to get it. Even when it means you have to be a prostitute.

I'm not judging anyone here. I'll just leave this matter open to the minds of the readers. All I know is, those people in my story are not happy. Yeah, even the father. Because he's cheated himself by cheating the person he had personally chose as a wife. He might have what he wants but he's the truest fool.

From my pessimistic point of view. Good night.


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