Ringo is Sick :(

His name is Ringo, but we call him Linggo, Ling Ling or worse, Ing Ing :P
A few days ago, he got sick, he won't eat or drink, just curl himself next to me. Later he vomited badly so I admitted him to the Setail vet hospital

I won't say much but overall I'm pleased with the staffs there. They seem to care so much about animals unlike the other "you-know-where" vet hospital. When I asked questions they answer patiently. And so until today, it's been 6 days after his first admission, I can see a significant progress on Ing2. Before he can't move, just wag his tail, vomiting. But today, he eats some cat food, drink on his own will and now he can walk around looking for a (female) friend :)

I hope he'll be home soon. Miss you, my little Garfield :)

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