Teamwork : various fish inside an aquarium

Many types of people we must manage in a team, each one has specific and unique character. In our country, many people still don't understand the meaning of teamwork. Team, in many forms like family, department until a country, has goals that each of the team member must understand. But we must remember that every goals must have backup plans and those also must be understood by the team members. That's the basic principle we must established before we continue to the next level.
Managing team members is another challenge. As the head of a team, one must recognize the positive and negative traits of each member. Place them in positions they are best at, but if your condition is not that ideal, use the available resources and maximize them.
Conflicts usually happen, although sometimes it's not necessary . To prevent it, each member must understand their job description first and that's the responsibility of the head of the team. If it occurs, an immediate meeting is necessary to discuss the problem and solve it like how grownups do.
It is time for us to be more mature because with greater power comes greater responsibility.

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