RIP,my beloved kittens

No words can express how I'm feeling
Angelo (the gray one) & Zaramir (the yellow one)were their names
Why do I love them beside the fact that I helped their birth?
Because they showed true compassion towards each other
Because they were not ashamed to show their love to me
That's some rare quality today
Can't find that on people I know
Err...maybe some..

Anw, sadly, I encountered an unsymphatetic people when I was looking for help to my kittens. One man from an animal-hospital said they're not sick,only lost their appetite and I worried to much and simply suggest that I change their diet. Ow yea, he refused my request to hospitalized them just because "We're in holiday"
Ok, so I went home, confused but hoped he's right, but.. No, they got worse..Their bodies went cold and weak.. So I ran to the nearest vet. I called him first but he got mad and told me to come tomorrow on a "proper time" Then I remembered that there's still another vet nearby. Thank God,he was at home, checking out his car. I talked to him, he saw my kittens' breathing is short. But he calmly entered his house, 5 minutes later he showed up wearing white coat and smoked a cigar. While it was too late... My kittens have died in my arms. And all he could say repeatedly is, "What can I do?You're too late"
I wish I could tell him that they were still alive when I talk to him, but thx to his delay, I was standing outside his house, carrying two dying kittens who then died without any proper treatment

A friend said I take their death too much. They were just cats,for God's sake! What if it's the person you love?? Well, I won't blame him. He's got the point.
But what makes me furious is the ignorance.
Those vets, they chose that job, they should be responsible for that. IMHO, most vets in this country still think that, "Come on!it's just an animal!" They don't have the same passion as doctors/dentists do. Maybe, they don't even share the same fear as doctors/dentists do!
Doctors/dentists work with humans. They can praise but they can also complain, even sue us! From the real big deal reason like malpractice or Prita's thingie until those silly reasons I can't explain
Vets work with animals and their owners.. I'm not gonna talk about the owner, because sometimes the owner doesn't really care about their pets as long as they can give adventages.. But, as humans, we can't understand animals' thougts. They can't complain. That's why I think vets are mostly careless.. Tey have no burden, no animals to be pissed off.. It's "healed or die" world
If only every vet.faculty students has to have a pet,maybe they'd understand how it feels to love ur pets and stop being so ignorant

I was just hoping, in the future, vets will be better..

Goodbye, my little furried friends


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2 komentar:

Kakak Ganteng, S.T. said...

It always hurts when those who are dear to you fade away from your life.
My condolescence.
Be brave, let their memories live on.

They have moved on to a better place, a world where there is no pain and sadness :)

Rachman Sinatriya Marjianto B.Eng said...

sing sabar yo cininta, utk masalah kecuekan para dokter hewannya...hanya satu Commentnya... "itulah indonesia..." (salah satu bait Indonesia Raya, ngomongnya jg sambil nyanyi...)

Kondisi Indo emang kaya gitu sih ya...repot jg.