[Too much soap in those magic box can paralyze ur neurons.Maybe u'll become worse than a rotten potato]

I'm still dazed on how those so-called producers who make stupid soap operas(and how our TV stations and government put them on prime time shows so kids can watch those rubbish too and when they grow up,they'll be as greedy and foolish as the characters on those soap operas) can enter high class society, have dinner with ministers, wear designers' clothes and put their kids into so-called international school or send them abroad to avoid them consuming their parents' dirty products.

Not saying my family's record is snow-white pure, but at least we try not to give our society more garbage to consume

Don't let your kids watch our local TV shows that's not educating especially ones on prime time

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Anonymous said...

tv is never your enemy. your ignorance,it is. if you keep your family warm enough, then your future kids wont be bother to soap their eyes into those so-called-stupid tv shows.

oh ya. another helpful hint. there's a small button on the top corner of your tv remote. it is called a POWER button. yes. you can always turn your tv off anytime,and start reading a book :)